Custom Designs

Custom Designing “Desk Jewelry”
By Charles Hill TM

First, have camera-ready artwork for easy transfer engraving. Remember that drawing charges can increase the final cost. Also, remember rough edges will survive the transfer.

Expect to spend $200 to $500 on the initial die charge. This includes production molds and a sample for your presentation. The cost of each paperweight is determined by the production costs (material & labor) for the project. The minimum order is twenty-five units.

Currently, you can expect your custom design to begin at $60 to $75 apiece. Naturally, as more metal, color and attention to detail are involved, you can expect a higher unit cost. If you prefer to order fewer than 25 units, a slightly higher charge may apply.

Because of changing market prices, please ask us about the current policy for quantity orders of 100 units or more.

Secondly, as these paperweights are custom made by hand, we will require prepayment of at least 50% on deposit when you place your order with us. The balance will be due upon delivery.

Please contact: Marion or Charles Hill
At (207) 594-9231; fax (207) 596-7371.

Or write to: Meadow Mountain Designs
380 Tolman Road

Warren, Maine 04864


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