Nicknamed "Old Ironsides" for her massive impenetrable hull, the 'US Frigate Constitution' launced in 1797, was designed to "overmatch any Royal Navy Frigate". Over structured, larger in size, with greater sail area, faster at sea, and more heavily armed, "She was an object which the criticizing eye of a sailor would wish to gaze ardently upon at any time, a superb looking frigate." As tradition would have it, upon contacting an enemy vessel at sea, sails were rolled slightly for maneuverability; heading straight toward the opposition, all hands would hush for silence- upon the closest approach she would be turned broad side to the enemy's vessel at just the right moment to deliver the fullest measure of her 24 pound arsenal. This superior performance and ultimate devastation of the enemy's vessels caused the British Admiralty to order "under no circumstances were Royal Navy frigates patrolling the Atlantic to engage an America heavy frigate unless they had the Yankee outnumbered at least two to one". Today after 200 years of service to the United States, the 'USS Constitution' rests for all to see in Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.-

Pewter ship, sea and sky with crystal "cannon fire" set on silver mirror inside our traditional pewter base as "Desk Jewelry by Charles Hill". "GENIUS!" "Charlie Hill did a good job!"


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