Pewter Leonardo's Vetruvian Paperweight

The 'Vetruvian Man' is based on a reference from Vitruvius' Third Book of Architecture. Vitruvius, an early Roman Architect, wished to demonstrate that buildings should reflect the proportions of the human body. The two geometric shapes circumscribing the man are a circle and a square. In the upper and outer positions, they are tangent to the sides of the square, while the feet are still tangent to the bottom of the circle; the man achieves a perfect fit. The 'Vetruvian Man' drawn by Leonardo DaVinci, c.1490. Today, the 'Vetruvian Man' is used as a symbol in the Health Care, Educational and Scientific fields as well as Architectural.

Sculpted by Charles Hill, this cast pewter Vetruvian symbol is treated with an amber wash and set on a black (onyx) mirror inside our Victorian crystal and finely crafted 12-sided pewter base as "Desk Jewelry by Charles Hill".


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