Since the earliest of times, the Scales have been the standard by which a balance could be achieved. The Goddess Isis is often represented as a symbol of justice as she embodies the weights and measures of nature and carries a Pair of Scales suspended from her right arm. As a standard for justice it was given importance as a constellation of the Zodiac. Libra was "the Scales of Justice" held by Julius Caesar. It was chosen to correspond with the autumnal equinox. As a symbol for equality and balance, the constellation came to represent justice in many cultures. The Scales embody the principles set forth in the Ten Commandments and the Bible. Today, it is the primary symbol of the judicial and legal systems in the United States as inherited from English Law.

Pewter scales and ribbon set on a silver mirror backdrop inside our Victorian crystal and finely crafted traditional pewter base as "Desk Jewelry by Charles Hill". Richard D.Warner photograph.


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